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PSI Bulletin: Jun 23

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Welcome to the June edition of Synopsis, PSI's monthly update with news, technical content and details of the latest developments in potato storage.

In this month's Technical Insight, we will be re-visiting an AHDB case study demonstrating the value of insulation upgrades.

With crops across the country now at a wide range of stages of development due to the protracted (but generally delayed) planting period, we can perhaps expect an impact around harvest, although the potato plant is remarkably adaptable and can rapidly compensate for weather setbacks in many situations - providing solar radiation and water are readily available. Meanwhile, any free-buy crops remaining in storage have continued to benefit from a recent surge in prices due to further tightening of supplies.

Crops have been developing fast in south Lincolnshire in spite of recent hot, dry weather


PSI is available to provide guidance and advice on all aspects of potato storage; if you think we can help you, call Adrian Cunnington on 07970 072260 or email

Specifically, as a 'heads-up', Adrian is planning to be in Scotland in the week leading up to Potatoes in Practice, so please get in touch if you think he can be of assistance to you or your grower group.


As stores become empty, probe management, cleaning and disinfection become important aspects to prepare stores for next season - revisit our April and May bulletins for appropriate content.

Now is also a good time of year to evaluate store operation, especially if you have data available from a full season such as electricity consumption and temperature records.

It is also an opportune time to measure insulation performance (as there is often the maximum temperature gradient across the structure). This is a service that PSI can offer using Thermal Imaging Technology, as shown below:

Thermal imaging can quickly highlight areas of poor insulation and/or air leakage

If you'd like to discuss how well your store is working and to get advice on how it can be further optimised, please get in touch with Adrian Cunnington on 07970 072260.

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