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We are specialists in potato storage

Potato Storage Insight Ltd., was set up by Adrian Cunnington, the national potato storage specialist and retiring head of AHDB's Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research Centre, a position he held for over 30 years until the site's closure in 2021.

Independent specialist advice

Adrian's role has been to provide specialist independent support and advice to all parts of the British potato industry, building on his many years of experience, findings from the latest research, and crucially, implementation of that work into the practical arena - be that on a small farm or for a multi-million pound storage complex.

A wealth of knowledge

Adrian has been involved in a wide range of activity, from R&D to training and on-farm troubleshooting. He authored The Potato Store Manager's Guide, and has been extensively involved behind the scenes in co-ordinating, facilitating and advising stakeholders and other key organisations on aspects of storage, such as CIPC stewardship, DEFRA Countryside Productivity Schemes and EAMU clearance for post-harvest chemistry.
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