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PSI Bulletin: Apr 23

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Welcome to the April edition of Synopsis, Potato Storage Insight's monthly bulletin bringing you news, technical information and new developments on potato storage matters.

In this month's Technical Insight, we have information on internal sprouting whilst our best practice feature is a case study on a Yorkshire producer supplying crop for the fresh chip sector...

In the meantime, the rain continues to fall but there is a better forecast for many on the horizon - so hopefully some progress can be made on the 2023 crop soon.


After a peak of activity around last month's PSI Potato Store Managers' Training Course, we've been back in stores in recent days. There are still some significant quantities of potatoes in storage albeit that, with yields last harvest well down on average, the call on stocks is starting to bite and unloading is well underway for many. Several stores are now partly unloaded which often provides a challenge from both the airflow and chemical distribution perspectives in box storage as covered in last month's Synopsis.

Also, at the end of March, it was a pleasure to be asked by GB Potatoes, the PPA and the FPSA to join them for a day up in Yorkshire updating key staff from Defra, APHA and CRD on potato storage with the help of Mike, Richard, Dean and the team at Cockerill's. Here's a tweet from Chief Plant Health Officer, Nicola Spence CBE issued on the day:

Tweet by @plantchief

PSI is available to provide guidance and advice on all aspects of potato storage; if you think we can help you, call Adrian on 07970 072260 or email


As previously indicated, PSI is looking to run a BASIS Certificate of Crop Protection (Stored Potatoes) training course this summer. Dates are likely to be in late August/early September with two days of in-person training followed by an online exam. Venue probably in the south Lincolnshire/Peterborough locality.

The training would be targeted at industry store managers and professionals directly engaged with the sale, advice on and use of crop protection products in and around potato stores. Because of the specialist nature of this course, expressions of interest are sought at this stage.

If you are interested in taking part, please send an email, without obligation, to Subject to there being adequate interest to make the course viable, more information will then be made available in early June.


Seed delays

A reminder that continued wet weather, that has delayed planting in some parts of the country, is bad news for any seed being held in bulk bags. Please refer to our guidance in February's Synopsis on how to manage seed over extended periods of time.

Probe management

Now is a good time to make a note of any probes or detectors needing special attention over the summer. Perhaps the reading has become unreliable, a connection is a bit wobbly or a probe has become victim to a forklift wheel? Whatever the reason, get any dodgy measurement kit put to one side for further investigation or replacement while you can. Don't leave it until you're flat out in cereal harvest with no time to sort it! September will be here sooner than you know it...

CASE STUDY: cost control is the key to success for Yorkshire producers

David Lee farms in partnership with his brother Rob near Driffield, East Yorkshire supplying Sagitta, Maris Piper and Ramos chipping potatoes into food service outlets in the locality. Synopsis spoke to him about their storage operation.

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