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SPot Potato Storage Event, Tuesday 14 May: BOOK NOW!

The SPot storage project is a joint initiative set up by GB Potatoes, Potato Storage Insight and SDF Agriculture.

The project is centred around Strategic Potato (SPot) stores which we are using to help raise awareness of best practice and new developments to the industry.

In the first months of the project, two sites have been chosen in south Lincolnshire to host small-scale trials activities and to demonstrate new, practical commercial store management processes. An open day is planned for 14 May 2024 and it is hoped we may be able to add further stores in other locations in year 2.

On Tuesday 5th December, GB Potatoes hosted an open workshop-style meeting to introduce the project. Thanks to all who attended. Now we are looking forward to seeing you at the Winters Lane site at Long Sutton, PE12 9BE in May, when we hope to present a programme of presentations and best practice dissemination during the morning. Gates open at 09.30 with time for a drink and a chat with partner exhibitors. Our programme covers many aspects of storage practice including sprout suppression, energy use, cost management, airflow optimisation , storage control, weight loss and respiration. It starts at 10.30 and a hog roast lunch will be provided. After lunch, there will also be a chance to visit the processing stores under 10 minutes down the road at Gedney Dyke, PE12 0AJ.

We are hoping for a good grower attendance to give the project partners confidence in this new activity and to support their generous financial and in-kind inputs to the project, which have all attracted match-funding from GB Potatoes.

As you can see below, the project partnership element has expanded significantly from its initial level with over 20 key industry players, who will be present at the event, coming on board

We look forward to seeing you on 14 May.

Book now via this link:

The SPot event organising team


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